my blog was blocked : another test render

it was pretty bad day since last 2 days, the admin blocked my blog due to spam thingy, finally i managed to prove that i got nothing to do with spam, this site shares knowledge and free model etc.
well last night i managed to do some test render and u can see the living room here got some improvement. no materials applied and still got room for some more improvement.
i cant share the models since they belong to commercial models. i can share the scene file and you can take a look at how did i set up the mental ray scene. Bear in mind that i am rendering this via 8 Xeon CPUs with 8 GB Ram. So i have no idea how long it takes to render via 1 cpu/2cpus.

You can download your 3d scene model here(all interior models were removed) you only will get 3d interior scene.


amok said...

this one is damn good. looks like real. love it!

animous said...

erk.. 8 xeon cpu? how long it take to render it?

graphics wizard said...

hi animous,
i m using 4 HT Xeon, means times 2 = 8 cpus when it renders,
so rendering time depends,
but approx. 8 times. for the one above, i can say 1-2 mins, also relies on ur current setting,
i m planning to create video tutorial. it depends on my schedule. u will get a clear view on how it works.