living room 2: mentalray setting

i used 3 photometric lights 1 skylight and1 mr spotlight

the quality is not good due to draft mode

ok let me share with you some of my simple setting for mental ray (MR),
long time ago i myself didn't really know how to hack this stuff, it's damn technical and the old version of MR was purely customizable,not user friendly and pretty tough to handle, normally i use final gather (FG) for standard MR rendering setting.FG is very powerful algorithm. here is another test render with its setting, the image itself is "blocky" since i rendered it with draft mode. some materials i used Jeff Patton's models such as carpet and you can download the setting and model here. Feel free to tweak and send your good pic of it.

Hair?try to grow your hair by visiting

All of these images belong to the respective owners: Copyright Ornatrix

talking about hair/fur in 3d? last few decades was a very complex and sophisticated modelling issue but nowadays you can use built-in hair plugin in 3dsmax , above are pics taken from they provide plugin for hair in max, i haven't had a chance to explore the demo version, may be once i got a chance i will see what i can create from this cool toy

updates on test render

not done yet...few more things to be improved...this is the latest

my blog was blocked : another test render

it was pretty bad day since last 2 days, the admin blocked my blog due to spam thingy, finally i managed to prove that i got nothing to do with spam, this site shares knowledge and free model etc.
well last night i managed to do some test render and u can see the living room here got some improvement. no materials applied and still got room for some more improvement.
i cant share the models since they belong to commercial models. i can share the scene file and you can take a look at how did i set up the mental ray scene. Bear in mind that i am rendering this via 8 Xeon CPUs with 8 GB Ram. So i have no idea how long it takes to render via 1 cpu/2cpus.

You can download your 3d scene model here(all interior models were removed) you only will get 3d interior scene.

animation: logo free download

i created 1 simple logo animation with explosion you can download here. Just play around with particle array parameters. feel free to download it here

lastly there are text coming in and particle emits from the text base, you can download here , all max 8 file

living room 2: mentalray

another test render for fun, the layout was not correct at all, the arrangement too. but more importantly , the beauty and sexy look of final gather & bounce light....damn beautiful

final test render: living room

will be leaving soon to telekom tower to collect my sponsor letter for Phd, here is the latest test render, still can be improved. any comments?

living room: mentalray

some test render via mental ray 3.5, not done yet

Nintendo wii

mad about games? then get ur nintendo wii...another competitor to ps3 n xbox 360, well i am not really into games world..just to display its look here. u need to install virtool player in order to play

the peak-hong kong

my little einstein

if u visit Hong kong, dont miss madam taussaud, on top of the hill, The peak
for more pics go here

we went to disneyland: Hongkong

we just got back from Macau & Hong Kong, feel free to view my pics when i was there...all pics were stolen from my wife website :) here and here

the holiday was fun, but learnt something also, since this is our second time having holiday abroad with our's not that easy to handle them, anyway disneyland is the best place to learn about design, u can see they designed every single thing and all r very detail, dont forget the 3d show there. :)

free mentalray material, i tweaked for fun

just got back from holidays, we went to Macau & Hong Kong. So i didnt manage to upload and share something during that time, ok above is the scene which i manipulated the mental ray glass physic phenomenon, so you can download the 3dsmax 6 file here and the material in .mat here. U can try to explore and get a better result.
at this stage the files cant be uploaded since the server got prob. i ll upload all related materials once everything is ok,
stay tuned