living room 2: mentalray setting

i used 3 photometric lights 1 skylight and1 mr spotlight

the quality is not good due to draft mode

ok let me share with you some of my simple setting for mental ray (MR),
long time ago i myself didn't really know how to hack this stuff, it's damn technical and the old version of MR was purely customizable,not user friendly and pretty tough to handle, normally i use final gather (FG) for standard MR rendering setting.FG is very powerful algorithm. here is another test render with its setting, the image itself is "blocky" since i rendered it with draft mode. some materials i used Jeff Patton's models such as carpet and you can download the setting and model here. Feel free to tweak and send your good pic of it.


kamal said...

Ron! Have you tried architectural shader for the latest MR 3.5 yet? It is available for Max9, pretty awsome stuff. I did use that for MR for Maya 8.5. All shaders are preset one and kind of handy though for a lazy person like me :D..MR is too technical and you have to refer the manual back n forth several times. Initial shaders are not really what you really one sometimes. Even the SSS need to tweak a lot..tediuos but that is the only option i got for Maya. :(

graphics wizard said...

ya did use it, pretty damn cool shaders there...MR rocks

amokdemanis said...


except one constructive comment - big block photos are so slow to load.