Download text effect: Photoshop

There are 3 types of font effect done in Photoshop. Feel free to download it here and use at your own risk. What you have to do is simply change the text to your own words.

Free model: parking gate

this simple parking gate was modeled within 10 mins, not a detailed model. u can download here.i used this model for previsual purpose, nothing more than matching the light,colour correct etc. just to visualize the contact between texture map, all procedural textures.

my photo in text code? interested? send me your photo!

converting ur photos to text code with colour? let's take a look at the real code here

ascii art?

interested to convert ur photo to text? simply mail me at

circuit board in 3D-free model to download

Here is the circuit board i modeled for external proj. i tried to search all over the web, for free model, unfortunately no such free stuff.i found in,it was commercial model. as a result i modeled it and if u want to use it kindly download it here in max9 and zip format. I need nothing from you. Just a credit. Thanks, btw the model has been designed to suit my project requirements.may be it was a bit different from the standard circuit board. u can simply manipulate.

jewellery shop-previsual

above are the pics for my friend's jewellery shop. it was a very2 rush job, did for helping purpose only. 2 hours advance rendering etc. just standard max renderer and lighting.
if your are interested to download its max file kindly download it here and if u got a nice rendering out of it kindly show me

3d tutorial [beginner] : how to create a glass

just another tutorial on how to create a glass, as usual i only cover modelling part.

feel free to download my tutorial e-book and distribute among newbies!

download your tutorial e-book here

and your 3dsmax scene file (version 8)

3d tutorial [beginner] : how to create 3d text

Please click on the respective picture to enlarge

welcome to my first tutorial, targeted to the newbies in 3d field,
quite simple modelling technique, i cover the modelling part only.
for lighting part, i ll discuss later since it's very complex. Pls download my e-book here to run the tutorial.

Download e-book tutorial
more free tutorials r coming soon...feel free to distribute among ur friends
it's hoped that this simple e-book here will give a simple idea on how it works
you can download the 3dsmax scene here, and change to your text. the result above is different from what you may get since i have added a plane as a platform to cast shadow etc. But the concept is there.

my first time blogging

welcome to my blog, well finally i managed to get a blog, sounds cliche..
after 32 yrs living in this world, now it's time for me to share my computer graphics knowledge, particularly in 2d/3d graphics, more specific into the art of 3d graphics:multimedia/ animation/virtual reality.

tonight i don't have any techniques to share, may be i should share the most recent multimedia conference trip that we went in dec 06, jogjakarta. it was quite fun and tiring since this is the 2nd conference, i went with my family, we used to travel to various countries, but only me n my wife, this time i brought my parents and sister too...we rented an apartment, one MPV with a driver..indeed it was quite tiring of handling my 3 kids compared to exploring jogja!

i was not into shopping interest field...but my parents/wife were mad about shopping...they spent days for shopping, while i spent taking care of the kids for the last day...we visited borobodur , perambanan temple
-conference dinner,some other kraton (palaces), silver for the conference it's called as The Fourth International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia (MoMM2006) held on 4-6 December 2006, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. we presented a paper entitled "A Prototype for Voice Driven Emotion Recognizer Mobile Phone"

talking about dinner, it was a luxury outdoor dinner (pic below-bit blur since it was quite dark and handheld), it cost me RM120 per head, all indonesian based food..not bad,the funny thing they also served maggi as one of the meals, it come with a show too, ramayana, a very traditional show...more importantly, we got to know other researchers from all over the world...that's good thing bout conference

here are some other pics we took bit noisy since it's very dark

behind me-parambanan temple, damn beautiful sightseeing

with some of the nasty boys there


me n afiq