Final render love symbols

got few things to do this morning, fill up dvla form for uk driving license, finalizing my writing for potential paper publication.

here is love 3d logo rendered via 3dsmax final render, i use car shader and this is for
submission, hoped it's acceptable .

Trial & error

Haven't updated this blog since i left Msia in 2007,well this is just another test render via finalrender, the house was modeled based on photo,not detail enough, still got room for improvement...

too busy lately

buddies, i am very sorry no posting lately...quite busy with packing stuff...

living room 2: final test render

some adjustment for my prev test render, i m in d midst of creating some video demo, till then
c ya later

rendering done when i was sleeping: Roksan

Denon: shared materials & scene set up: Max 9

as you can see above are 2 pics; light set up and scene, i have to remove the denon receiver since it's commercial 3d model.i replaced with a box, what u need to do is just replace that box with ur items, then render, u can download my material here, and scene here. feel free to manipulate.btw this is max 9 scene.

Denon: HDRI via FG

this is a test render for commercial model denon receiver, using HDRI via MR fg, more to come..i am doing another test render now, i will share the light set up & materials that i used in this experiment fyi, the model was provided by, texturing, light rigging and rendering was done by me.